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Ball Slewing Rings

single row

This type of slewing ring is composed of one inner ring, one outer ring, steel balls, and spacer retainers. It has a relatively compact structure, lightweight, four-point contact between the steel ball and the arc raceway, and can simultaneously bear axial and radial forces. Compared with the cross roller slewing bearing, its characteristic is that the steel balls and the raceways are in four-point contact, so its rotation is more flexible. However, its load-carrying capacity and accuracy are not as good as the cross roller slewing ring.


Available with inner gear, outer gear or no gear


Robust and cost-optimized design


Equipped with sealing and lubrication system

Dimensions and Tolerances

The general tolerances of slewing rings conform to ISO 286-1 and ISO 286-2. The boundary dimensions of slewing rings are not standardized. Please contact our technical department to get our slewing rings catalogue.

Bearing Clearance or Preload

Clearance for slewing rings is not standardized. ALPHA slewing rings can be supplied with different clearance or preload tolerances, based on the application type.


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